Constable Scanlan's grave at Mansfield
Constable Scanlan's grave at MansfieldThe Mansfield Police Memorial
The Mansfield Police Memorial
Ned Kelly History - Mansfield Stories

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Ned Kelly History - Mansfield Timeline

26 October 1878
Ned Kelly, Dan Kelly, Steve Hart and Joe Byrne surprise a party of policemen despatched from Mansfield at Stringy Bark Creek. Constable Thomas Lonigan (34 years old), Michael Scanlon (35 years old) and Michael Kennedy (36 years old) are shot dead. Constable McIntyre manages to flee on horseback.

27 October 1878
Constable McIntyre arrives in Mansfield and alerts the police as to the murders of his colleagues.

30 October 1878
A reward of andAcirc;andpound;500 is placed on the heads of each of the Kelly Gang, dead or alive. Ned and Dan Kelly are named. Byrne and Hart are mentioned as unnamed associates.

12 November 1878
The Deadline for the Kelly Gang to give themselves up. They don't and are Outlawed 3 days later.

22 April 1880
The Mansfield Memorial is unveiled, dedicated to the bravery of Constables, Lonigan, Scanlon and Kennedy who were killed at Stringy Bark Creek by the Kelly Gang.

Kelly Trail - Mansfield

1. The Mansfield Police Memorial

2. Mansfield Cemetery

Places to visit in Mansfield

The Ned Kelly Trail - Mansfield

The Ned Kelly Trail Stop 10

Mansfield, where you can visit the graves of the three policemen, Sergeant Michael Kennedy and Mounted Constables Scanlon and Lonigan.

Mansfield is a great place to spend the night as it offers visitors a range of accommodation including guest houses, caravan parks and bed and breakfast cottages.

Ned Kelly History in Mansfield

Police Memorial
The monument stands at the front of a wide central plantation which runs down the main commercial street and serves to remind us of the fateful day at Stringybark Creek where three policemen lost their lives.

The police memorial was erected the year following the deaths of Constables Scanlan andamp; Lonigan and Sergeant Kennedy.

Mansfield Cemetery
The graves of the policemen murdered at Stringy Bark Creek can be seen in the Mansfield Cemetery which is a short drive from the town centre.

The graves are easily found to the left as you walk in through the cemetery gates.